Our Terrier Ruff

Our little wire-haired fox terrier (Ruff) was put to sleep by Overdale Vets this afternoon. It was so sad but he couldn’t have gone on any longer. He was 12 years old. I believe he is coming to you for individual cremation and then returned to us in a casket. Thanking you in advance. He was such a character and so loving. RIP Ruff. We love you. x

Writing to express my sincere appreciation

I am writing to you a year to the day, February 7th, when I became without Alexander. The year has been a struggle in many ways regarding him, and I know there is continuity of my struggle.

I am writing to express to you, my sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of all of your effort in every way to assist me in bringing about the hardest part of all, in the way I wished it to be.

You were, and will always remain most important to me, because of the care and effort you gave to help Alexander and me.

Thank you.